Notification of Safety Zone & Location of Offshore Platforms in JDA

      Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority (MTJA) wishes to notify all mariners or commercial vessels, or fishing vessels who may be passing/navigating through the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand in the vicinity of the Joint Development Area (JDA), of the safety zone around offshore petroleum production platforms and offshore installations of the Cakerawala Gas Field in Block A-18, JDA and the locations of such platforms in accordance with the MTJA (Standards of Petroleum Operation) Regulation 1997 [P.U. (A) 207], Part IV, Clause 10(2)(d)/ Ministerial Regulation No.4 (B.E. 2540) Part 4 Clause 9 para 2; under the MTJA Act 1990/ B.E.2533.

        These platforms/offshore installations are from June 2002 onward, part of petroleum operations in Block A-18 of the JDA as operated by Carigali Hess Operating Company Sdn Bhd (CHOC), and the others in Blocks B-17 & C-19 and B-17-01 as operated by Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company Sdn. Bhd. (CPOC), Contractors to Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority (MTJA) under the MTJA Act B.E. 2533/1990.

        The safety zones as approved by MTJA for the offshore platforms and FSO in the JDA are the areas within the 500-meter radius of each platforms. The locations are as follows:

Location of Offshore Facilities and Selling Points for Gas and Condensate in MTJDA

Phase 2 Location of Offshore Facilities in MTJDA